Our passionate and experienced team of artists and technicians are here to help you with your beauty needs. Interested in a new haircut or a different hair color? Have you ever wanted to try lash extensions or a new nail design? Or even have a skincare regimen created just for you?

Together, we'll create the perfect look for you.

Check out our menu of services below! And feel free to reach out with any questions. We can't wait to meet you.


Transform your hair with our highlights service, designed to create dimension and depth. Let us craft a customized look that brightens your natural beauty, adding subtle or bold variations to your hairstyle.
Starting at $135
Long Hair Highlights
Transform your long locks with our Long Hair Highlights service, designed to add depth and dimension. Our skilled stylists will create a customized look that enhances your natural beauty, making you shine.
Starting at $160
Balayage is a form of highlighting or lowlighting the hair to achieve a beautiful, soft, and natural effect.
Starting at $135
Long Hair Balayage
Long Hair Balayage is a customized highlighting technique that creates a soft, natural gradient of lightened hair, perfect for adding dimension and warmth. Our skilled stylists tailor this look to beautifully complement your long locks, ensuring a seamless, sun-kissed finish.
Starting at $160
MC Signature Blowout
Book this service for hair full of body and volume!
Starting at $40
Long Hair Signature Blowout
Indulge in our Long Hair Signature Blowout, a luxurious service designed to transform your long locks into a masterpiece of smooth, voluminous waves. Our skilled stylists use expert techniques to achieve the perfect blend of bounce and shine, tailored to your unique style.
Starting at $55
Custom Color
A custom color can include a root touch up, highlights and/or lowlights, color applied to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, or a color glaze.
Starting at $135
Fantasy Color
Fantasy colors include hair color that doesn't naturally exist in hair and can include one - or multiple -bright colors. This service requires a consultation to determine the time necessary and cost to achieve your desired result. This service includes a relaxing shampoo and scalp massage, customized haircut, and blow dry.
Pricing determined upon Consultation
Color Glaze
This demi-permanent service is designed to enhance your hair color by adding a tint to the hair, leaving it softer and shinier than before.
Starting at $45
All Over Color
Transform your look with our All Over Color service, a single-process hair coloring treatment that evenly covers each strand for a gorgeous, uniform look. Ideal for achieving a new hue or refreshing your current color, this option promises a stunning, vibrant transformation.
Starting at $115
Corrective Color
Corrective Color is a personalized service designed to fix hair color mishaps, ensuring your locks achieve the shade you've always desired. Our expert stylists assess and create a tailored approach to bring your hair back to its ideal color gracefully.
Pricing determined upon Consultation
Barber Grey Blending
A custom color can include a root touch up, highlights and/or lowlights, color applied to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, or a color glaze.
Starting at $70
Barber Highlighting
Starting at $135
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
This treatment seals the hair cuticle with a coating of protein that eliminates frizz and adds softness and shine.
Starting at $375
Keratin Express Service
This treatment seals the hair cuticle with a coating of protein that eliminates frizz and adds softness and shine.
Starting at $175
K18 Treatment
Starting at $35
Innersense Hair Detox Treatment
Our Innersense Hair Detox Treatment is a revitalizing experience for your hair, designed to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate. It targets impurities and replenishes your hair's natural shine and vitality.
Starting at $35
Scalp Renew Treatment
Indulge in our Scalp Renew Treatment, a revitalizing experience designed to nourish and rejuvenate your scalp, promoting healthier hair growth from the roots. This luxurious care is a must-try for those looking to restore balance and vitality to their hair.
Starting at $35
Barber Perm
Starting at $145
For men and women.
Starting at $150
Spiral Perm
Starting at $200
Customized Hair Consultation
MC Signature Haircut
Haircut for all lengths of hair. Includes in-between detailing, dry and razor cutting.
Starting at $45
MC Barber Haircut
Includes in-between detailing, dry cuts and razor cuts.
Starting at $30
Child Haircut
For children younger than age 10.
Starting at $30
MC Signature Curly Cut
This service is for those who wear their hair naturally curly.
Starting at $105
In-between Detailing
For detailing between full appointments.
Starting at $20
MC Custom Dry Haircut
Embrace the art of precision with our MC Custom Dry Haircut, specifically tailored to shape and style your hair while dry, ensuring a perfect cut that compliments your unique texture and flow. Dive into a transformative experience designed to elevate your hair's natural beauty.
Starting at $80
Event Style
Our artistic team will create beautiful updos for any event or occasion!
Starting at $70
Long Haircut
Our Long Haircut service offers a luxurious transformation for those with flowing locks, providing a tailored cut that enhances your hair's natural beauty. Expert stylists dedicate time to craft the perfect style, ensuring each strand falls beautifully.
Starting at $60
Childrens Event Style
Starting at $40
Hand Tied Weft Extensions
Pricing determined upon Consultation
K tip Extensions
Pricing determined upon Consultation
Tape in Extensions
Pricing determined upon Consultation
Extension Maintenance
Pricing determined upon Consultation

Lashes and Makeup

Eyelash Extensions - Full Set
Custom lash design with NovaLash eyelash extensions will provide you fullness and length!
Eyelash Extensions - 2-Week Fill
Eyelash Extensions - 3-Week Fill
Volume Eyelash Extensions - Full Set
Custom lash design with NovaLash volume eyelash extensions.
Volume Eyelash Extensions - 2-Week Fill
Volume Eyelash Extensions - 3-Week Fill
Eyelash Lift and Tint
An alternative to eyelash extensions. A semi-permanent treatment to create long lasting curl.
Makeup Application
Full Face Makeup Application
Starting at $75
Makeup Lesson
Our makeup artist will make recommendations and show you techniques that will best suit you and your style while answering any questions about the maintenance of your new look.
Starting at $85


Massage - 30 Minutes
Indulge in our spa group’s Massage, a perfect escape to rejuvenate your body and mind. Expert hands will gently soothe away stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.
Starting at $60.00
Massage - 60 Minutes
Starting at $120.00
Massage - 90 Minutes
Starting at $180.00
MC Spa Manicure
Starting at $35
MC Deluxe Spa Manicure
Starting at $60
MC Spa Pedicure
Starting at $55
MC Deluxe Spa Pedicure
Starting at $75
Gel Tips - Full Set
Starting at $65.00
Gel Tip Refill
Starting at $60.00
Gel Removal
Starting at $20.00
Gel Manicure
Starting at $70.00
Gel Pedicure
Starting at $75.00
Child Manicure
Starting at $15.00
Child Pedicure
Starting at $30.00


Arcona Brightening Facial
Arcona Red Carpet 90 minute Facial
Arcona Deep Cleansing Facial
Arcona Organic Custom Enzyme Peel Facial
Arcona Hydrating Facial
Arcona Pure Radiance Facial
Transformative Lift and Sculpt Facial
You’ll experience all the benefits of the Transformative Lift and Sculpt followed by a superfood facial mask.
Starting at $225.00
LED Light Therapy
This all-encompassing light therapy treatment will help reduce sun damage, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and supports enhanced collagen production, firmness and elasticity.
Starting at $25.00
Instant Neck Lift
This treatment is used to tone and tighten the neck and decolletage for a smooth, ageless look.
Starting at $30
Brow Wax
Starting at $25
Brow Tint
Lip Wax
Starting at $20
Facial Wax
Starting at $58
Leg Wax
Starting at $60
Back/Chest Wax
Starting at $95
Arm Wax
Starting at $60
Chin Wax
Starting at $23
Bikini Wax
Starting at $45
Brazillian Wax
Starting at $85
Under Arm Wax
Starting at $40
Brow Design (no wax)