MC Cares: Beautifully Safe

October 14, 2020
MC Salon + Spa continues to put our community’s safety and comfort first, with beautiful results. Feel secure, knowing MC continues to refine our protocols. We carefully follow (and often exceed) guidelines from our local health department, Responsible ReStart Ohio and the CDC. So you can relax, enjoy and feel safe every time you’re inside MC.

About Your Visit

Before MC
* Can’t wait to see you! 3 days prior to your appointment, you will receive a confirmation text and email.
* Getting close: one hour before your scheduled service, you will receive a text with a COVID intake form and a link to check-in.
  • Please note, the link is only active when you are within range, in the MC parking lot.
* Upon arrival, stay comfortable in your car. Use the confirmation text to complete the COVID intake form, then check in using the link provided. Be sure your phone’s Location Services are turned on in settings. Need help? See instructions in the original text.  
* Any minute now...once you’ve checked in digitally, an MC Guest Care Leader will text you as soon as it is time for you enter the salon or studio. Unsure which location your service is booked? Send a quick text to verify.  
* Welcome inside! An MC team member will greet and escort you to your service.
* Masks, please! While we’re so happy to see your face, please remember to wear your mask at all times inside the salon.  
* Travel light. For your safety, we suggest minimizing personal belongings in the salon.

What to Expect

During MC
* Uniformly masked, beautifully safe. Our entire MC team is practicing thoughtful wellness standards, state guidelines requiring all salon employees and guests to wear masks. Forget yours? MC will happily provide one at the front desk.
* Special consideration. If you have concerns or health issues that prevent you from wearing a mask, please contact MC at 330-929-2210 to schedule your private service.
* Safely distanced: MC Salon, Spa and Studio spaces have all been arranged to ensure proper social distancing. Occupancy in waiting areas and restrooms are limited appropriately and, in accordance with Ohio State Board of Cosmetology guidelines, barrier panels have been installed throughout our locations.
* You alone are our priority. Current state mandates mean no friends or family can accompany you to the salon.
* Staying responsible. MC continues to perform best practice sanitation procedures as outlined by Responsible Restart Ohio and the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology.  
* Touchless pay - beautifully safe from start to finish. MC currently offers and prefers cashless transactions. Acceptable forms of payment include credit/debit cards, and both ApplePay and GooglePay are available for contactless payment. Cash and check are also accepted.  

Thank You for Your Support

We hope you enjoy your visit!